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This compact e-kit is the answer if practice and space are an issue. Perfect for apartment use, rehearsal, or to practice without waking the neighbors. Also great as a tool for beginners to hone their new drumming abilities. Compact design for easy transport. 32 onboard drum kits boasting an array of streamlined and most importantly, useable drum kits. DD Beta is the amazing and affordable way to keep your drumming skills sharp.

ddrum Electronic Drum Kits
Electric drums are where ddrum sets itself apart. For over three decades, we have been a pioneer in the electric drum world: designing, perfecting, manufacturing all placed into a exhaustive quality filter and the output has been a cornerstone of the digital drum scene since the beginning. Versatile and durable, digital drum sets are excellent choices for beginners and pros alike, offering you the ability to play how you want, when you want, and where you want. It’s the drum set of convenience, allowing the electric drummer to just put on some comfy headphones and start groovin’ in that pocket. Want to play in a live setting? We also offer electronic drum amps as an accompaniment. Regardless of style of play or skill level, there is an electric drum set here to suit your personal taste.

SPECIFICATIONS: Includes: 3 x 8 inch single zone tom pads, 3 x 12 inch cymbals, 1 x continuous hi-hat controller, 1 x bass pedal with pad, 1 x dual zone snare, and 1 copy of recording software. At Ddrum we know that drum sets are a serious investment. With some electronic kits costing thousands of dollars, we developed the DDBETA XP to be effective and durable, without breaking the bank for customers. The DDBETA XP is designed for advanced drummers who have moved past the basics. Featuring a continuous hi-hat that realistically simulates full open, full closed, half open, and feet slash options, a bass pedal with a pad to replicate realistic bass drum contact, a dual zone snare, and up to 170 total sounds, the DDBETA XP is the perfect economy electric drum set for users who are ready for a complete drumming experience. Not only does the DDBETA XP come with on-board recording and play back functions, its able to be connected to a PC, Mac, or DAW (digital audio workstation) via the MIDI out or micro USB port. The DDBETA XP was configured to not only be compact and manageable despite its range of features but quiet as well, thanks to the included volume control. Its perfect for small and crowded places, including households, apartments, and college dorms. The rack even folds up, making storage and transportation hassle free. Ddrum beta drum kit audio practice mac economical travel portable home use pc electronic electric beginners players computer starters introductory new concert


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