Peter, Paul & Mary Tribute Show -June 18

 “Humanity, Hope and Activism”

A Tribute Concert to Peter, Paul and Mary will be hosted at Rick’s Music World on Saturday, June 18. Appearing will be Rick Fetters, Andy Daigle and Judy Neveu who will perform the group’s historical music filled with the messages of humanity, hope and activism.

During the time of the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War Peter, Paul and Mary wielded folk’s potency as a social, cultural and political force. It was then, back in the early 60’s in the hotbed of artistic expression in Greenwich Village that Rick Fetters had the experience of meeting and mingling musically with the group, eventually collaborating with the group and their music. Andy Daigle has been a fan and student of their music. As his musical journey has grown, Andy has come to appreciate the quality of the group’s music. Judy Neveu was first introduced to the group’s music by listening to her mother’s “In the Wind” album. “Stewball” is her favorite. It is the spirit of Peter, Paul and Mary’s musical legacy that Rick, Andy and Judy will bring to the concert.

The concert will start at 7pm at Rick’s Music World, Rt. 44 in Raynham. Tickets are $12 and are on sale now in store and at Call 508-977-0200 to reserve a seat for this wonderful Tribute Concert.