“Jam for Jim” ~ Sun. March 13, 2011 Benefit for family of the late Jim Johnson

This event was a trememdous success!!
It was a magical night filled with great music all night long.  Thank you to the teachers, students, staff and special musical guests who performed and to the many volunteers who helped. 
Thank you to Washburn for donating the beautiful guitar won by Paul LeClerc who immediately re-donated it to be raffled off to one of the kids attending the event.  New tickets were handed out to all the kids and boy, were they excited!  Paul drew the winner, our student, Robert Matthews-Forte.
Thank you, Paul! 
Our combined efforts raised $1,375 for Jim’s family.
Join us for a night of awesome music
to be provided by
 all of the TEACHERS at Rick’s Music
Plus …enter our drawing for a special Guitar Giveaway for the cause.


Admission:  $10 donation at the door
SUNDAY – MARCH 13, 2011
TIME:  6:30 – 10:00

Our teacher, Jim Johnson, has led a life filled with music and has shared his joy of music making with so many people.  Just ask his many band mates, family and friends over the years plus the thousands of people who’ve watched him perform.  He’s shared it with us here at Rick’s for over 10 years and most importantly … passed it on to the many students who’ve had the good fortune to be taken under his gentle wing and shown the possibilities that music brings.  A legacy that will live on through them.
Sadly, on January 14, Jim lost his battle with cancer.  Please join us to celebrate his life and the music he loved so much. 
All proceeds will be going to help Jim’s family.
MORE About Jim’s musical and theatrical journey:
A Taunton native, Jim was the lead singer of such bands as Rockestra, Snapdragon, Kindred Spirit, Full Moon Fever and many more!  On the stage, Jim lived each moment to the fullest and gave every ounce of his gifted talent, energy and spirit to the performance.  He also portrayed Jesus in the rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar for ten years.  Many have said that as you watched Jim perform the role, you came to believe it was Jesus you were watching, so complete was his creative commitment to the purity of his role.
As a solo artist, he was often known as “Jim Jonson:  The Wandering Minstrel”  and while living in Florida, many called him “JJ On The Beach.” 
We recall one special memory of Jim’s musical journey that happened right here at Rick’s.  Jim loved no, make that LOVED The Beatles!  After George Harrison’s death, Jim wrote a song about George, his favorite Beatle.  In 2006, we co-sponsored a weekend of events with the Beatles tribute band, The Liverpool Legends, a band put together by George’s sister, Louise Harrison.  And on the Friday night before the big Sat night concert, we held a private event for a small group of people to meet the band members and Louise and play Beatles songs together.  It was a magical night.

When Jim took the stage, he sang George’s song for all of us, but mostly, for Louise who came onstage to thank Jim and give him a big hug.  Later on she gave Jim her contact information chatted with him and invited him to stay in touch.  He talked about that night as being one of the most memorable of his life.
JIM’S MYSPACE LINK:  http://www.myspace.com/514034565/music/songs/61976260

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  1. Sorry to hear about your brother Barry he will always Rock on in your memories and many other peoples lives he has touched may God receive him in his large Band he has already Go Speed…

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