Celebrating 30 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Bob on his 30th Anniversary with RMW!Rick’s Music World would not be the same with our VP, Bob Ball.   This April marked Bob’s 30th Anniversary with us!  Now Bob is a humble, guy and shys away from the spotlight.  But we could not let this milestone pass without embarrassing him just a little!

Bob joined us as a young man who brought technical knowledge and a creative ability to figure out how to stretch our customers’ budget to get them the best music gear and PA systems that fulfilled their needs.  He listened and he cared about his customers and he still does.  He has saved his customers tons of money and rescued plenty of them when they had a technical problem, especially during a show, even if it meant he had to help them after hours or on a day off.   (We should have bought him a cape.)  Bob has built product expertise over the years that could fill volumes!  He’s the “go to” guy for just about anything.

We couldn’t be luckier than to have Bob by our sides all these years, not only as our loyal business partner, but also our BFF. We’ve helped each other through the ups and downs of life and know we can count on each other no matter what comes our way.  Thank you, Bob, for everything!!!! Enjoy that bike 🙂   Rick & Robin